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★ Professional fastener solution business parter offer
 what your need.

Every single fastening piece is a solve scheme design, Synoken from the customers point of view, the use of scene and related parameters of requirements of that specify the perfect solution for customers.

★ Smart supply chain to offer small batch
 in time

According to the development of customer address the need for rapid adaptation of the scene, Synoken fittings have flexible amount of customization supply chain, satisfy the customer in the product listed require upfront.

★ Great supply chain could offer productions
 stablely and keep high quality.

In the customer need to supply large quantities of scene and Synoken perfect quality control system and large quantities of logistics management can well fit the customer's need, beneficial to support customers a comprehensive listing of products.

★ Oversea sales support

Synoken Seiko manufacturing quality unceasingly with the world renowned manufacturers in line, in recent years we began to participate in international sales cooperation. We are constantly working on overseas cooperation in the process of improving their own, but also to better meet the needs of customers.

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